phone: 01484 426002

phone: 01484 426002

Terms & conditions

Personal Property

All children’s clothing and belongings must be clearly marked with your child’s name. Each child should be provided with a small bag (not carrier bag) containing a change of clothing and indoor shoes. Outdoor play will be available during the day and outdoor clothes must be provided at all times. All articles left at nursery are left at the owner’s risk and we highly recommend that children do not wear expensive clothes to nursery as even though the best care will be taken, we do like getting messy! We ask that children do not bring their own toys into nursery and are not responsible for any such items.


The nursery must be informed if any person(s) other than the person named on your registration form is to collect your child. Some form of identification will be asked for when that person collects your child. It would be preferred if designated collectors came for your child, although we do understand that this may sometimes be a problem.


The nursery is unable to care for any child who is ill. Any child, suffering from a sore throat, discharge from eyes or ears, sickness or diarrhoea, or an infectious rash, should not attend nursery. Please seek advice by ringing the nursery if unsure. There is at most times a registered nurse on the premises and every effort will be made to contact the parents, therefore please keep contact details up to date, and inform a member of staff of any change in details. In an emergency medical treatment will be sought. A full copy of the nursery’s infection control policy is available from the nursery manager.


Medicines will be given if requested by parents. If calpol is required, then nursery staff will contact parents for their permission prior to administration. Parents must sign a medication form available from nursery staff


Parking is available at the front and side of the nursery and is so at the owner’s risk.

Confidential matters

All information held by the nursery is confidential. If any details on the registration form change, then please inform the nursery manager.

Child Protection and Equal Opportunities

Almond House Nursery has a commitment to equality and opportunity to all children. We will strive to make our nursery accessible and welcoming to all children and their families and will take action if any child, family, employee or visitor’s rights are breached whilst at our nursery (Children’s Act 1989, Equality Act 2010) It is nursery policy to report to social services any case of suspected child abuse (Children’s Act 1989). Our Equal Opportunities policy and Safeguarding Children policies are available for all who wish to see them.

Policies and Procedures

Almond House operates under well-constructed policies and procedures which ensure the smooth running of the setting and the best experience for children. Policies are available to parents upon request and in the nursery foyer. You may care to read our uncollected child, admissions, equal opportunities, safeguarding children, complaints and confidentiality policies.


Any minor grievances will be heard sympathetically by the management and we hope that most problems will be resolved in this way. We strive to bring you the best possible care for your child, and make every effort in achieving this, however if you have any type of concern that you cannot bring up in person, then please put this in writing to the management who will respond within 28 days of receiving the complaint. If you remain dissatisfied then please contact OFSTED Inspection Support Team on 0300 1231231.


Almond House does not accept responsibility for loss of property or accidental injury. Almond House does maintain those insurances required by law. Details of these are available from the nursery manager. Copies of the insurance policies are displayed on the nursery notice board in the foyer.


On arrival at the nursery, please tell us of any accidents that have happened at home, or any other circumstances which may cause distress to your child.


In If your child is experiencing difficulty in settling in we will work closely with you to minimise this period and ensure that s/he enjoys their time at Almond House.


Please do not let your child bring to nursery any money, jewellery, sweets, drinks or valuables to nursery. We will not be held responsible for lost or damaged items. Please could all clothing be labelled with your child’s name. Please bear in mind that children will get messy during their play at nursery so please dress your child in inexpensive, easy to wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather.

Moving on

When it is time to leave nursery, we ask you provide us with four weeks written notice that should be given to the nursery manager.

Employment of staff

Our employees are our most valuable resource. We accept that they often baby-sit for our customers as an informal relationship. However, should one of our employees leave us to work for you either whilst you are a customer or six months after you cease to be a customer, we ask that you pay us an introduction fee equal to 6 months payrolls costs for the employee concerned.


This nursery is a smoke free zone.


We often take and display photographs of the children during their daily nursery lives, these are sometimes passed on to the local press and nursery website, no personal details other than their name and age will be given. If you have any objections to this procedure, please inform the manager.